We cover the investment value chain end-to-end

Source new companies

Source long list of high-growth targets. We are pioneering talent movement analysis to identify early-stage startups attracting top alumni.

Talent Diligence

Get immediate answers on investment targets’ growth, expertise, quality of talent and attrition. Know who’s winning with talent movement.

Talent Strategy & Monitoring

Shape your companies' talent, bringing value generation to your portfolio. Go from longlist to shortlist in a matter of seconds.

use cases

How our insights can deliver value

Investment due diligence
Create a high-fidelity portrait of any company’s talent base from attrition to footprint. Accelerate the pace of people due diligence and reveal hidden competitive insights.
Source new opportunities
Complement traditional sourcing approaches with talent and alternative data. Quickly identify promising targets with our proprietary talent flow analysis and ML models
Targeted lead generation
Rapidly find profiles to sell to or companies to partner with, to ensure competitive advantage for you, your company and your portfolio.
Change management
Quickly look for talent to fill key positions based on their demographics, promotion speed, skills, schools, and their company performance. Accelerate your portfolio's results.


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