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Aura allows you to access high-quality leads that fit your persona and save time prospecting.

Aura lead finder

Finding sales leads has never been easier

Aura helps sales & marketing professionals generate leads faster. Use unique and specific criteria to generate a list of leads that fits your desired persona perfectly, and export the list directly into your CRM in minutes.

Use unique filters to search for your target profile

Use a variety of specific search filters to define your ideal customer persona in minutes.

Refine the search criteria based on the preview

Use the preview function to get a glance at the results you will receive - and refine the filters as necessary.

Download hundreds of results and import them into CRM

In a few clicks, receive your search results as an easy-to-use CSV and start contacting leads.

single source

Integrated solution

Access, save, and share your lead search results with your team for seamless communication.

accurate information

Data superset

Save time with a global, comprehensive and clean dataset.


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