Who do the world's fastest growing tech companies hire?

We looked at the fastest growing tech companies of 2020 from a talent perspective and zoomed in on who they employ.

Earlier this year, CNBC reported a list of the fastest growing tech companies of 2020.

We took a closer look at their top 5: 

  1. Zoom
  2. DoorDash
  3. Peloton
  4. Snowflake
  5. Etsy

We looked at these companies from a talent perspective and zoomed in on their employee growth, available talent, their skill sets and the top sources of hiring.

When double-clicking on employee growth over time, we realized Doordash was a clear outlier in this group.

Employee growth per company

When looking at the workforce across all 5 companies from a role perspective, we see that the top three functions in which most employees are hired are sales, operations and engineering. These three functions alone account for >65% of the workforce. With sales weighing in on 25% of the total employee base, operations on 25% and engineering 15%.

Talent composition per company

When we deep dive at a company level and zoom in on the roles, we can easily differentiate their business models: Doordash and Peloton are - as expected -  operations-heavy while Snowflake and Zoom heavily invested in Sales, as true B2B Software leaders. Interestingly, the weight of Engineering is fairly equal across all five companies (12-19% of the workforce).

One of the top challenges of these companies is to source for the hard to find roles like B2B sales and engineering roles. So where do these high performing companies find enough employees while expanding the team at lightspeed?

Below are the top sources for these specific functions.

Top sources for hiring

Other high performing tech companies seem to be the main source of hiring. Uber, Square and Cisco are top of the list and the top 10 sources are all related to tech. 

In our next blog posts, we deep dived into Coinbase and Formula 1 teams. What can we learn from high performing companies when we look at their talent data? Find out and keep learning.

How these insights were gathered:

These talent insights were gathered with Aura. Aura is a talent analytics platform for investors, powered by continual integration of alt-data.

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