Food delivery, the #1 destination for FAANG alumni

FAANG alumni are some of the most wanted profiles globally and are making their move to food delivery

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (FAANG) alumni are some of the most wanted talents globally. Companies that attract ex-FAANG employees are typically fast-growing, innovative and differentiated.

With Aura - a talent analytics platform for investors - we took a closer look at popular destinations for FAANG talent. Surprisingly, 3 of the top 6 companies are food delivery companies.

Companies that attract the most ex-FAANG employees

Food delivery has been growing fast over the past 5 years, taking over traditional food incumbents and supermarkets, which shows in the combined valuation of the food tech unicorns of $658B (source). These user-driven and technology-heavy business models seem to be the next Eden for top talent.

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