DevOps, the hottest tech in town

A deep dive into the trends and technologies of the hottest tech in town, DevOps.

In our previous article, by analysing trends in job postings across hundreds of job boards we saw that demand for DevOps engineers has grown so fast that they are now the most in-demand type of software developer in the US.

What’s most startling is that even as Covid struck in 2020, and demand for new employees took a significant hit across industries, the number of job postings for DevOps engineers kept increasing still, as seen below.

DevOps is the hottest tech in town


We decided to dive deeper into this DevOps demand with a technology-based lens, investigating which technologies have been most in demand in recent years.

Through analysing the number of de-duplicated job postings requesting skills in specific technologies we have a uniquely relevant and timely metric for skills demand. We picked 21 popular technologies within the DevOps space and tracked their recent demand to see who the big winners are.

The skills above collectively make up 6 broad technology trends within DevOps. The growth (or decline) of each can be seen in the chart below, which tracks the number of job-postings that request at least one tech skill from the technology category in question.

DevOps demand relative to demand of all jobs

DevOps demand is shown relative to demand of all jobs to normalize the impact of the changing demand for jobs from year to year, particularly in 2020.

As we would expect, virtualisation came into popularity prior to 2015, and provided the foundation for cloud computing, the demand for which has skyrocketed. Then came the nascence of containerisation (pioneered by Docker), followed by the container orchestration tools to manage these containers. Developers looked to find new ways to automate updates to applications and speed-up the configuration of complex cloud infrastructures, so came the rise of continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) and Infrastructure-as-code tools. The growth in demand for skills in these technologies looks likely only to rise in coming months and years.

Double-clicking into container orchestration technologies, Kubernetes is clearly now the technology of choice for the majority of companies and is in fact the most in-demand technology we investigated in the DevOps space.

Changes in the container orchestration tools trend

Turning our heads towards the world of cloud computing, we looked into the well-documented battle between AWS and Microsoft Azure. Whilst AWS is broadly known as the market leader, Azure has been gaining share fast, helped by some big-ticket contracts such as the $10 billion deal with the Pentagon in late 2019.

Our job postings data shows Azure in fact recently overtaking AWS in terms of demand for these skills. There will inherently be a lag between demand for technology and increased market share, so it appears we can expect Azure to continue its share grab from AWS.

Comparing the two cloud titans

Data does not include AWS EC2.

As technologies fade in and out of popularity in this fast-moving space, talent-centric data can provide hyper-relevant insights into where the industry is moving, and which companies are ahead of the curve. Here at Aura we are building a suite of tools to make talent-driven insights more powerful and accessible than ever before. Find out how it can empower your fund here.

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